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Utah Climate Center

Utah Climate Center (UCC) was in need of data organization and visualization. Additionally they needed a way for users to access researchers’ findings.

Logan Software maintains the upkeep of the UCC website. We created advanced charts of current and historical weather data. Additionally, we built API interfaces and automated scientists’ research and models, so users can utilize the data to make decisions regarding water usage, fire risk and agriculture.

To support UCC’s researchers even further, we built custom scientific software and continually provide system administration for their servers and storage systems.

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Website Database

Advanced Data Visualizations

API Interfaces

System Administration

Custom Software

Utah TRAPs

TRAPs (Temperature Resource and Alert for Pests) is a software aimed to serve Utah orchardists by providing information and alerts about pests, frost, and more. We developed and continue maintenance on the website, database, and mobile app which combine historical, current and forecasted climate data to make accurate predictions.

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Mobile App

Utah State University

AssetView, Logan’s SaaS asset tracking system allows USU the flexibility of tracking their lab equipment without the overhead of maintaining an on premise system.

Software Maintenance

Software Updates


The AWE (Atmospheric Waves Experiment) is a NASA mission dedicated to studying space weather from the Space Station. We are working in collaboration with researchers from Utah State University, Space Dynamics Lab, and NASA on a database and website where scientists and hobbyists can view and download AWE instrument data.


System Administration

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