Data Storage Solutions

Secure your data with cutting-edge Cybernetics intelligence-driven storage. Enjoy low acquisition and maintenance costs along with increased reliability and accessibility. When you get Cybernetics through us, we handle all the installation and initial configuration for you.


AssetCat is a SaaS based tracking system:

  • Simplifies accounting for both physical and virtual assets from acquisition through disposal, including location, condition, type, responsible person and current user.
  • Configurable to allow departments or groups within a company to manage a subset of assets assigned to that department.
  • Contains workflow features such as: limited editing of inventory records for capital assets, asset managers can define additional fields for assets, such as vehicle fuel type, or computer memory, CPU and drive configuration.
  • Schedule and document maintenance, calibration, and/or inspection events for any type of asset.
  • Based on a US Government approved property management system for assets purchased on government contracts.
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