Accelerate Innovation

Our development services and solutions enable customers to achieve the agility required to innovate, improve time to market, and leverage their data to challenge in competitive markets.

Modernize and Transform

Bridge the gap from legacy to modern. Rethink your data and applications, reimagine the future.

Application Development Services

Data & Analytics

Architect, structure and store large (multi-terabyte) data sets from multiple sources for lightning fast search, retrieval and automated analysis.

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Custom Scientific Software

Let Logan SW become your trusted partner to help simplify, modernize, and accelerate mission-critical applications. Take advantage of the latest digital platforms for custom software development and ensure resiliency and stability.

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Application Development

Accelerate your time to value with our application development, modernization, integration and management services.

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Coming soon, our SaaS Asset tracking and management system for both physical and virtual assets. Schedule and document maintenance, calibration, and/or inspection events for any type of asset. Contact us for a preview!


Data Storage Solutions

Secure your organization’s data with cutting-edge Cybernetics intelligence-driven storage. Leverage low acquisition and maintenance costs along with increased reliability and accessibility. When you purchase Cybernetics through Logan Software, our team handles all the installation and initial configuration based on your data requirements.

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About Logan Software

Logan Software is a team of technologists building better futures for our customers, colleagues, environment and communities. Our services span from data architecture and custom application development to managed hosting solutions. Check out our offerings to learn more about how Logan Software can help you achieve efficiencies and reduce friction in digital solution development.

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